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  Educational and Public Observatory in Parkent   (foto)
   A precious gift was granted to Uzbekistan's young generation just before the celebration of 20 years anniversary Independence. New Educational and Public Observatory had opened its doors to next generation scientists in Parkent town. Erected at the facilities of Material Science Institute, next to magnificent solar furnace, this observatory is intends to be the first observatory for educational purpose where students from National University and other institutions may put their hands on professional class telescope and equipment to perform their first observation and scientific interpretation. The observatory is equipped with 48cm telescope, CCD camera and computer for data storage and reduction. This is third Educational Observatory constructed by team of scientists from Ulugh Beg Astronomical Institute of the Uzbek Academy of Sciences (UBAI) under the supervision of Shuhrat Ehgamberdiev. The goal of the team is construction of Educational Observatories Network in Uzbekistan for the purpose of more sophisticated educational courses and conducting up-to-date research in astronomy and astrophysics by the students and scholars in Uzbekistan.
  The observatory is also open for general public who is interested in observation of celestial phenomena not only via Internet but directly with telescope.
  This success would be hardly possible without the help with coating telescope main mirror by our colleagues from Japan Okayama Observatory to whom UBAI team express their deep appreciation.
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