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  Educational and Public Observatory in Samarkand   (Photo)
   Ulugh Beg Astronomical Institute and Samarkand State University have installed first telescope of the universityís observatory in Samarkand, a native city of Ulugh Beg, Uzbekistan. A Grubb Parsons 48-cm reflecting telescope was dismounted from the High Altitude Maidanak Observatory and re-installed at the Samarkand State University observatory. First light at the telescope coincided with the solar eclipse on 29th March 2006.
   Astronomical traditions have deep roots in Uzbekistan. In addition to the Samarkand State University observatory, there are currently four academic astronomical facilities in the country: the High Altitude Maidanak Observatory, the Kitab Latitude Station, the Astronomical Observatory in Tashkent, and the Radio-astronomical Observatory, which is presently under construction on the Suffa plateau and will have a 70m radio-telescope.
   The Samarkand observatory is the first educational scientific observatory in Uzbekistan, and appears to be the first in all of Central Asia as well. Now not only students of the Samarkand State University, but students and teachers of the universities throughout Uzbekistan will have hands-on access to observations of celestial bodies using a real astronomical instrument.
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