Telescope & Instruments

0.48m telescope  


Manufacture: Grubb Parsons
Mounting type: german equatorial
Primary mirror: diameter 480mm
                          thickness 70mm
Focal length: 2290mm
Focal ratio: 1:4.8
Type of optical system: Cassegrain system
Equivalent focal length: 9540mm
Equivalent focal ratio: 1:20
Scale: 10mm = 3,6'
Diameter of the central hole of the primary: 50mm
Diameter of the Cassegrain mirror: 128 mm
Focal plane to be moved outside the surface of the primary: 290 mm
Diameter of the guiding tube: 130 mm, and its focal length 194 mm
Finder tube AT-1: diameter 50 mm, field of view 11 deg, magnification 6x
Limiting magnitude: ~17 in R-band

Instruments & Instructions:

На данный момент доступен к проведению наблюдений только один инструмент - ПЗС камера Apogee (AP10), с размером чипа 2048х2048 пикселей (поле зрения камеры 10' х 10' ). Камера оснащена набором из четырех стандарных фильтров BVRI.

Краткие характеристики ПЗС камеры:
  • Model: E10
  • 2048 x 2048 array, 14 x 14 micron pixels
  • 1 MHz 16-bit digitization and 1.4 MHz 12-bit digitization to 24Mbyte camera memory
  • 100bT Ethernet interface: up to 300 kHz throughput
  • TCP/IP or UDP protocols
  • DHCP or fixed IP addressing
  • No plug in cards or external controllers
  • Programmable, intelligent cooling to 45°C below ambient
  • Binning up to 10 Horizontal x 2048 Vertical
  • Subarray readout and fast sequencing modes
  • Precision time delayed integration (TDI) readout
  • Programmable fan speed for low / zero vibration
  • Two serial port outputs for control of peripheral devices
  • General purpose programmable I/O port
  • External triggering and strobe controls
  • ActiveX drivers and Maxim DL/CCD software included with every system
  • Field upgradeable firmware
  • Self-test capability with integrated light source and data simulators
  • Fused silica windows
  • Runs from single 12V supply with input voltage monitors
  • Compact enclosure
  • Programmable status indicators