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Results of the seminar at the Astronomical Institute within the framework of the SPACECOM project

On February 10, 2023, a seminar was held at the Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan as part of the Spacecom (Erasmus +) project, which was attended by students and teachers of six universities participating in the project: Tashkent University of Information Technologies, Ferghana Polytechnical Institute, Tashkent State Technical University, Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent, Tashkent University of Information Technologies Karshi Branch, National University of Uzbekistan.

Participants of the project from the Astronomical Institute - Yu.A. Tillaev, N.V. Karachik, E.R. Semakova made presentations on solar research, influence of solar processes on near-Earth artificial satellites, the use of methods of remote sensing of the Earth and the atmosphere for scientific research and applied tasks, such as assessing earthquake precursors using GNSS signals, studying natural phenomena in mountainous areas, etc.

The report of Yu.A. Tillaev about the history of astronomical observations at the Tashkent observatory was met with great interest as well as a tour around the institute and its museum guided by S.P. Ilyasov. The participants had the opportunity to observe sunspots in the courtyard of the institute, accompanied by explanations by N.V. Karachik.

Despite the cold, the biggest enthusiasts visited the astrograph, the institute's most famous telescope, where D.G. Semakov and I. Asfandiyarov spoke with great interest about the history of its creation and operation. The participants of the seminar received a lot of useful information that can be used in further modernization of the programs for the project, and they got an undisguised pleasure from communicating with all the staff of the Astronomical Institute.

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